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Our good quality services match the international standards as we believe in maintaining long-term business relationships with our customers. What distinguishes us from others is the unique combination of category experience and personal service. We have a team of technically trained professionals who are enriched with relevant experience and expertise to provide premier quality products at the most affordable rates. Today, science and technology is developing very quickly. Our company is utilizing advanced technology to transform the traditional industry with constant innovations, a sense of responsibility, spirit of integrity, drive for improvement and obligations to uphold first rate of technology, service, quality and management.

Some of our highlighted Services are


IONBERG offers top-notch environmental consultancy services to guide clients in water conservation, air pollution control, and wastewater treatment. Our experienced team provides expert insights, tailored strategies, and practical solutions. Whether you seek sustainable infrastructure development, compliance with regulations, or performance optimization

Operation & Maintenance Contract

IONBERG offers Operation & Maintenance Contracts to ensure the seamless functioning of your water conservation, air pollution control, and wastewater treatment systems. With our dedicated experts and specialized maintenance plans, we guarantee efficient operation and prolonged equipment life.

Annual Maintenance Contract

IONBERG provides Annual Maintenance Contracts to ensure the consistent performance of your water conservation, air pollution control, and wastewater treatment systems. Our customized maintenance packages guarantee regular inspections, timely repairs, and preventive measures to uphold system efficiency.


IONBERG offers comprehensive outsourcing services, allowing you to delegate the management and operation of your water conservation, air pollution control, and wastewater treatment systems to our experienced team. We assume responsibility for system performance, maintenance, and compliance, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Our Testimonials

Rakesh sharma

Ionberg exceeded our expectations in water treatment, chemical plant, fire fighting, and greenhouses. Their expertise transformed our facilities, ensuring clean water, efficient operations, and enhanced safety. We are grateful for their innovative solutions and commitment to excellence. Highly recommend Ionberg for comprehensive, sustainable solutions.

Ayush Gupta

Ionberg has been a game-changer for our business. Their water treatment solutions and chemical plant expertise have streamlined our operations. The fire-fighting systems they installed enhanced safety, and their greenhouses farming solutions have boosted productivity. We could be happier with Ionberg’s comprehensive services and commitment to excellence. Highly recommended!

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