Green Houses Farming

Plant Tissue Culture Laboratories We are engaged in establishing Plant Tissue Culture Laboratories, complete solution projects on Turn Key Basis as well as Built to operate basis

    • Photoperiodic simulation castor rack
    • Laminar air flow with latest ozone ionization disinfectants
    • Temperature controller microclimate
    • Humidity monitor microclimate
    • Photoperiodic morphogen
    • Air conditioning
    • Ceiling insulation polyurethane
    • Floor insulation polymer anti-conductive isolieren.
    • Buffer Room
    • Air curtain
Mist chambers We are dedicatedly working to provide Mist chambers with best possible conditions for growth and development of plants. Our Mist chamber with controlled environments helps plants to grow more uniformly, with more vigor, this leads to less susceptible to disease and gets faster root growth. Mist chambers are used by commercial nursery growers or Corporates for plant nursery production facilities. By using facilities, user can achieve their production targets year around. Different facilities are available with standard modules. These Mist chambers are commonly used for raising forest plantation including medicinal plants, herbs etc.
Mist chamber is specially designed for parameters mainly temperature, humidly, light, benching systems fixed / movable to accommodate root trainers Our Mist chambers consist of the following:
  • Polycarbonate multiwall UV stabilized sheet
  • Pad & Fan cooling system
  • Photosynthesis system; light with PAR lamp
  • Microprocessor control
  • Benching system
  • Overhead auto applicator
  • Tank

The Ionberg offers some of the major accessories are:

Overhead shading: Over head shading in important and these shading can be done by manually rolling and de-rolling. It can be controlled automatically as well by using temperature as a reference point to open or close.
Benches: These benches are hot galvanized, and are available in international sizes; we have different benching system to suit the need of different greenhouse.
Fogging system: It is normally installed on overhead as per the needs. We are using different nozzles single / square, as per the plants need different discharge rates are used.
Overhead auto applicator: It is basically required for large projects. These are available in 9 different modes, with mono and multi nozzles. Changing of nozzle may be manual or automatic in the reference of parameter. It can be linked through Fertigation system.
Air mixing fans: These are specially designed fans, automatically controlled through controller to mix the air to avoid different air pockets and with other special features as well.
PAR Lamps: Specially designed lamps for photosynthesis. It starts from nursery up to harvesting of flower / fruit.

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