Inclined plate settler or Lamella Plate Settler for clarifying and thickening Ionberg lamella principle uses several parallel inclined plates to maximize the available area for any available floor area. In this way, the size and cost of the gravity settler can be minimized by matching the thickening and clarifying requirements more closely. The two basic criteria for gravity settling equipment are good clarity of the overflow liquid and maximum density of the underflow solids discharge. The area needed to clarify a suspension is often greater than that needed for thickening. This means that in a cylindrical thickening tank, the lower section with rakes and drive mechanism can be oversized. Last years there has been an increased interest for using the Ionberg IPS in the textile and steel industry. The Inclined plate settlers or Lamella Plate Settler, IPS(LPS) are suitable for:
E.g. Sand & Gravel
Zinc Concentrate
Soil Treatment
Iron Ore
Contaminated Soil
Coal Slurry, Chemical Process Industry
Oil Sand/Water separation
Salt Crystal separation
Main Advantages of IPS(LPS) are:
Delivered as one-piece unit or in prefabricated sections together with smaller foundations and less floor space needed gives lower installation costs
Square outline for easier planning and construction
Can be installed in any system and is easy to relocate to adapt to process changes gives flexibility for plant extensions
Small internal volume and surface area
Easily insulated against heat loss or toxic fume emissions
Evaporative losses are minimized.
Simple construction of sheet steel and standard profiles
Special materials and coatings can easily be incorporated
Easy to maintain
Main features of IPS are: Heavy duty construction of tank, sludge hopper and lamella plate packs, as well as the rake system. Rake lifting mechanism as option Positioning of specifically designed feed ports for optimum ratio between clarification and thickening area Wide spacing of lamella plates to handle high density feed pulps and coarse solid particles No short circuiting or surface turbulence
Integrated flocculator with variable speed stirrer
Shorter pipework runs
High level installation for gravity feed to downstream processes
Easier supervision Some Additional Advantages of IPS are :
Capable of cutting coagulant dosage up to its half maintaining lower influent turbidity
Requires less filter backwashing for both water and electricity
Compact design for increased flow capability
By adding plate settlers, flow of existing water treatment plants can be increased
By expanding settling capacity, flow capacity of plant settler can be increased
By increasing solid removal rate in settling tanks, flow capacity of plant settler is increased
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