Membrane Technologies

Reverse Osmosis System Fully automatic Reverse Osmosis for Brackish water and Waste water Ionberg series RO multistage, single pass, automatic PLC based Reverse Osmosis systems remove upto 99% total dissolved solids, colloids and organics to produce high purity water. Flow rates from 5 m3/h to 100 m3/h

Feature of Membrane Technologies

Skid mounted standardized system, short lead time and quick installation.
Designed with Dow ILEC (Inter Locking End Connectors) membranes for lower down time, lower power consumption and minimized permeate contamination.
Integrated auto flush, permeate soaking cycle at each start and stop
Auto adjustment of designed recovery on start-up after auto flushing
Auto monitoring of feed conductivity, êP across RO, pH of CIP Solutions, product conductivity


Industrial process water
Boiler feed
Food and beverages
Potable water
Tertiary effluent recycling

Realtive Services

Application design and engineering pre and post RO solutions
System validations
Antiscalant & chemicals
O&M contracts

Ultra Filtration Unit

The Ionberg manufactures a full line of Ultrafiltration Systems. UF is a pressure driven membrane separation process that removes suspended or particulate matter (including colloids & silt) from water. This solution is far more reliable than a conventional multimedia filter, which removes approximately 10 micron or larger matter, where a UF membrane pore size ranges from 0.01 to 0.10 micron. In addition to superior turbidity removal, UF membranes efficiently remove bacteria and most viruses

Feature of Ultra Filtration Unit

UF modules (PVC)
Stainless steel backwash pump
150 um flushable screen
Schedule 80 PVC piping
460V/3Ph/60Hz power supply
Microprocessor control panel
Motor starters
NEMA 12 enclosures
Differential pressure switch
Electrically actuated valves
Feed and product flow meters


RO pretreatment
Drinking water treatment
Tertiary wastewater or grey water treatment
Process separation or recovery


Chemically Enhanced Backwash (CEB)
Feed/backwash oxidizer (dosing system)
Membrane cleaning skid (CIP)
380-415V/3Ph/50Hz power supply
Online turbidity monitor
Stainless steel multi-stage feed pump
Feed pump VFD
Filtrate (backwash) tank (HDPE)
Pressure Transducers
Blower (for backwash)

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