IONBERG-SCC ( Solid Contact Clarifier) is a true solids contact reactor which uses a propeller for internal solids recirculation and a variable settling area for solids separation. There are more than ten (10) design variations. Unit dependent on basin design (i.e. inlet location, mechanism support and flow rate). Process applications include surface water clarification, iron and manganese removal, cold lime softening and heavy metals precipitation. The units can be installed in round or square, steel or concrete basins. Multiple units are used for higher clarification flow rates. Water enters tangential to the base of the unit and spirals upward to the effluent collection trough at the top of the basin. Multiple units are used for higher flow rates. IONBERG FLOCCULATING CLARIFIER are mainly applied for surface water clarification of supplies with moderate turbidities. Turbine flocculators are positioned inside of a flocculation well sized to promote floc formation. Sludge collection of settled solids are provided by rotating scraper arms. Center or bridge supported units are available. IONBERG SLUDGE EXTRACTOR is a sedimentation removal system with rectangular settling basins. Typical applications include surface water treatment with light floc formation such as alum sludge. The units consist of a sludge removal header which is mounted on the floor of the basin The removal header is moved along the basin floor by a drive cable connected to the drive system. Underwater components are constructed entirely of SS-316. IONBERG SLUDGE THICKENER is commonly used to thicken backwash water waste from filters and sludge blow down from clarifiers. The thickeners can be designed for intermittent or continuous operation. High torque, open gear drives are used for collection of settled sludge.
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