DAF is a gravity seperation process whereby the separation of two phases is achieved by increasing the specific gravity difference of the two phases. This is achieved by attaching micro air bubbles, brought about by saturating water with air under pressure, and then expanding the wa terstream through valves to atmospheric pressure. These micro bubbles nucleate onto the solid particles to be separated, thus lowering the specific gravity and allowing contaminants to rise to the surface. Suspended solids, grease and oil are very efficiently removed by DAF, and a combination of screening and DAF results in BOD/COD removals upto 60% depending on the application.However, a combination of flocculation and floatation can result in BOD removals of around 80-90%. The advantages of DAF clarifiers are their ability to treat a wide range of suspended solids in water at a high rate of solids removal and for wastewater sludge thickening. Millions of micron sized air bubbles in the DAF thickener float solids to the tank surface, forming a concentrated sludge blanket. A scoop removes the thickened sludge. Empty circular DAF clarifier. Note the shallow tank and all wetted parts are stainless steel construction. The top bridge rotates around the tank rim once every three minutes or less. Normal tank water depth is 18″. Normal rise rate of suspended solids is 10″ to 12″ per minute. The Ionberg DAF is an innovative dissolved air flotation (DAF) system for use in a variety of applications with relatively low hydraulic flow rates (typically 100 GPM or less). The system can be used with air only for simple oil and grease removal, or combined with chemicals for greater removal rates of other parameters. The MicroDAF with built-in Flocculator and chemical addition is used in the reduction BOD, COD, TSS, FOG, TKN, phosphorous and various metals in wastewater. They are also effectively used for reduction in bio-solids and algae removal.(Algae TSS Removal). Ionberg offers two cost effective DAF clarifier designs…
1. Ionberg Maximizer – Our flagship design is a static concept, circular clarifier available in 19 different sizes to process influent flows of 2KLPH to 200000KLPH .
2. Ionberg UniMax – is a rectangular clarifier design available in custom built sizes to handle flows ranging from 2KLPH to 200000KLPH .
The Ionberg offers a full line of industrial wastewater treatment support components to a DAF clarifier that compliment the FC Maximizer and RC UniMax clarifiers. These components include equilization tanks, oil-water separators, mixing tanks, tube bundles and polymer feed systems. Our knowledgeable, skilled employees are ready to help you in your quest for cleaner water. 2KLPH to 200000KLPH .