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Mineral Water Plant
Mineral Water Plant...
We are an established Mineral Water Plant Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier from Delhi, India. Each Mineral Water Plant is designed by us using innovative techniques to provide successful solutions in purifying water as per the set industrial standards. Consequently, the Mineral Water Plants offered by us are highly demanded for food processing and production of mineral water by industries in India, Asia and Africa.
Features & Benefits
Mineral water system and water treatment project to produce Final treated water as per IBWA / BIS Standards.
Water Filling Machineries for PET bottles from 200 ml to 2000 ml.
Water Filling Machineries for Jars of 5 Ltr – 20 Ltrs. Pouch Form, Fill & Seal Machine.
Cup Rinsing, Filling & Foil Sealing Machine.
PET Bottle Blowing Machines with ancillaries. Injection Moulding Machines.
Why Our Mineral Water Plant?
Simple yet advanced operation
Efficient performance
Easy to maintain
Long functional life
Water Treatment System
This mineral water system comprises of-
Chlorine Dosing system
Multi Media Filtration
Activated Carbon Filtration
Water Softening
Reverse Osmosis
Stainless Steel Storage Tank Micron Cartridge Filtration (0.2 Micron)
UV Sterilization
Ozone system
Ozone Disinfection
Semi Auto Blow Moulding Machine
The Ionberg offers Fully & Semi Automatic PET Blow Moulding Machine
Machine Output
600 Bottles per hr
1200 Bottles per hr
2000 Bottles per hr
Fully Auto Blow Moulding Machines
Machine Output
2000 Bottles per hr
3600 Bottles per hr
4000 Bottles per hr
6000 Bottles per hr
Filling Machines For PET Bottles
The Ionberg offers Fully & Semi Automatic Filling Machine for PET Bottles of 200 ml to 2000 ml.
Machine Output
25 Bottle/min (BPM)
50 BPM / 75 BPM
120 BPM / 150 BPM
200 / 300 / 400 BPM and more
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