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Waste Water Treatment Plant
Activated Sludge Process
Moving Bed Biological Reactor
Membrane BioReactor
Sequencing Batch Reactor
Up flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket
Dissolved Air Flotation
Circular Clarifier/ Thickener
Inclined Plate Settler
Tube Settler
Submerged Aerobic Fixed Film
Water Treatment System
Condensate Polishing Unit
Membrane Technologies
Water Softening Plant
Air Pollution Control Equipment
Fire Fighting System
Green Houses Farming
Water Treatment Chemicals
Mineral Water Plant
Fire Fighting System...
The Ionberg is one of the fastest growing diversified engineering company & have specialization in the field of Fire Detection, Alarm & Suppression Systems. Our all parts and equipment are ISI mark & TAC approved.
Conventional & Microprocessor Based Automatic Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
Analogue & Addressable & Intelligent Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
Ultraviolet & Infrared Sensor Based Detection Systems
Laser Based early Smoke Detection systems
Water Based Fire Fighting Systems :
Automatic Fire Hydrant & Wet Riser Systems
Sprinkler Systems
High Velocity Water Spray Systems
Water Mist Systems
Water Curtain Systems
Gas Based Automatic Fire Suppression Systems :
Co2 Local Application & Total Flooding Systems
BOC FS125 Fire Suppression System
HFC-227ea Total Flooding System
Gas Detection Systems ( Fixed Installations & Portables For Toxic,Inflammables & Explosive Gases )
Electronic Security System :
Electronic Survillance System ( CCTV, DVR, Netwrok Survillance Solution)
Access Control System
Audio Vedio Door Phone
Video Conferencing
Public Address System
Rat Repellant System
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